Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

as of September 7, 2018

I. GENERAL The National Monologue Slam is committed to providing a safe, supportive, nurturing opportunity for actors of all ages and experience to learn and grow in their craft. Each convention and competition will provide multiple opportunities to meet and work with industry professionals, and have fun doing so. Everyone is welcome to participate, no matter your experience or talent level. We are here to help you along in your path as a performer.

II. ENTRY INFORMATION A. CONVENTION ACCESS The purchase of a Master Class & Performance Package is required to attend the convention and enter the competition. One Master Class & Performance package allows one person to attend all convention events and classes, and includes one entry into the Competition. For an additional fee, individuals can purchase Additional Competition Entries for themselves. Also for an additional fee, individuals can purchase a Friends & Family Observer Pass for interested friends and family wishing to attend classes and observe the competition. Parents and guardians of minors are invited to observe the performance/competition for no additional cost, but cannot attend classes without the purchase of a Friends & Family Observer Pass. Purchasing a Master Class & Performance Package does not obligate you to perform in the Competition.

B. PRICES Prices are subject to change without notice and all entries are subject to availability. The 2018 Regional pricing structure is as follows:

i. Master Class & Performance Package                                                        $199

ii. Additional Competition Entries Class & Performance Package.    $49 each, and must accompany purchase of a Master

iii. Friends & Family Observer Pass                                                          $49 each

iv. Parents & Guardians of Minors to space limitations.                                 Free to observe the performance/competition subject

C. TYPES OF COMPETITION ENTRIES The Competition consists of three categories: Comedic Monologue, Dramatic Monologue, and Musical Theatre Song. Comedic and Dramatic entries are limited to 90 second monologues of any source, including theatre, film, TV, and/or original. The Musical Theatre Song entries are limited to 32 bars and can be from any published musical. Piano sheet music or digital recordings of music accompaniment must be provided by the entrant. An audition pianist and playback audio equipment may be provided by the Slam, subject to number of entries in the song category. Each category may or may not have age divisions, subject to number of entries.

D. NUMBER OF ENTRIES Subject to space availability, individuals may perform multiple monologues or songs in the Competition. No individual can win more than one award in the same category and division. For instance, if a competitor performs two dramatic monologues and one comedic monologue in the 18 & Over division, that person is only eligible to win one award in the Adult Dramatic division and one award in the Adult Comedic division.

E. COMPETITION & CLASS SCHEDULING Each individual will be given a time range for his/her performance time for the day of the competition. National Monologue Slam reserves the right to change performance times and the convention class schedule at any time, for any reason. Requests for specific times will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed. Missed competition times can be made up later in the day should time permit. Please keep in mind that many factors go into the scheduling of auditions and events, including number of entries and participants, local conditions, space constraints and other factors. Events will not be scheduled to begin before 8:00am, nor scheduled to end past 10:00pm.

F. ENTRY DEADLINES All entries will be accepted on first-come, first-served basis. National Monologue Slam reserves the right to close an event prior to the deadline should the number of entries meet or exceed the allotted schedule.

REGIONAL ENTRIES: Entries must be received with all completed forms/payment in full at least 24 hours prior to the day of event.

NATIONAL ENTRIES: Entries must be received with all completed forms/payment no later than 7 days prior to the first day of the event.

LATE ENTRIES: Any entries received after the deadline will be accepted on the sole decision of National Monologue Slam, schedule permitting. Late entries accepted may be subject to a late fee to be determined.

G. PAYMENT Payment for individuals and their families must be done online at the time of registration. Groups of 10 or more may be paid by check or credit card, by calling 212.382.3410. A fee of $25.00 will be charged for returned checks or credit cards denied. Payment in full for groups is due in our office no later than 5 days prior to the first day of event entered.

H. REFUNDS/CANCELLATION Once entries are processed, there are no refunds of any kind. Deposits for group purchases are non-refundable. If a performer cannot participate due to illness or injury, a refund may be issued at the sole discretion of National Monologue Slam, and only upon receipt of verifiable proof from the performer’s doctor. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Regional events may be cancelled due to inclement weather or other Act of God, and in such event all said entries for that particular event shall be credited towards a future Regional or rescheduled Regional event. Should an event not secure a minimum number of entries, National Monologue Slam may cancel that Regional event and refund all entries, or apply entry fees to a different Regional event at the customer’s request.



Comedic Monologue: 90 second time limit from any source including theatre, film, TV, or original Dramatic Monologue: 90 second time limit from any source including theatre, film, TV, or original Musical Theatre Song: 32 bar limit from any published musical. Piano sheet music or digital recordings of music accompaniment must be provided by the entrant. An audition pianist and playback audio equipment will be provided by the Slam.

B. AGE DIVISIONS If warranted, there may be up to three Age Divisions; 12 & Under, 13 to 17, and 18 & Over. Subdivisions may be added or removed depending on the number of entries.

C. COMPETITION SEGMENTS The main competition for each Competition will occur between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm on Saturdays, with the exact schedule subject to final number of entries. A finalist ceremony will be held each Saturday at the end of the scheduled events.

D. AWARDS Awards will be given to the top performers in each category and division, subject to a minimum number of entries to be determined.

E. JUDGES Judges are subject to change without notice, and will always consist of no less than three (3) industry professionals in varying fields, including but not limited to directors, casting directors, musical directors, talent agents, producers, and working professional actors.

F. RESULTS Each competition participant will receive a written critique from each judge in the form of a score card, plus personalized written notes that may include constructive and positive feedback.


A. GROUP CLASSES Master Class details are determined by the number and types of entries, as well as the types of coaches and judges participating in your region. Subjects of Master Classes may include some of the following and are subject to change at any time:

i. Audition Prime & Prep: Techniques on how to “rock your audition” from the moment you walk through the door, including warm ups, and ice breakers.

ii. Casting Director Master Class: First-hand knowledge from a professional casting director, offering his/her unique perspective on audition techniques. Includes question/answer session.

iii. Talent Agent Master Class: An industry leading casting director will lead this session, offering perspective from the talent agent’s eyes. Includes question/answer session.

iv. Navigating the Biz: Industry professionals including producers, directors, writers, and actors answer any and all questions regarding the entertainment business, including job descriptions, salary ranges, and anything else you want to know about “how it all works”.

B. INDIVIDUAL COACHING Private, one-on-one coaching sessions are available by request for an additional fee, subject to availability, on a first-come, first-served basis, either in person or via video conference. Additional coaching opportunities will be available year-round. Please email for more information.


A. Good Sportsmanship, respect, and professionalism are expected from everyone who attends any National Monologue Slam event, including performers, coaches, judges, friends, family, and audience members. Those not complying with this rule will be disqualified and/or subject to removal from the premises.

B. No private dressing rooms will be available for your use. Please come dressed in the outfit in which you wish to perform, or make arrangements to use a public restroom for your changing needs.


D. No one is allowed to walk in front of the Judge’s table or approach the Judges during the competition. Restricted areas will be marked accordingly.

E. Hand-held props are welcome, but the following are specifically PROHIBITED: special lighting, sound effects, guns or gun replicas, knives, swords, fog, and fire. All props are the owner’s responsibility.

F. As with any physical activity, unforeseen accidents and or injuries can occur. Upon entering any National Monologue Slam event, it is agreed that all participants, parents, and/or guests will hold National Monologue Slam LLC, its staff, judges, owners, partners, affiliates, and its host facility harmless from any accident, injury and or loss of property during any and all events.

G. All performers, family, guests and audience members consent to the use of their photograph and or video likeness for use in future promotions and or advertisements of National Monologue Slam.

H. Performers are required to check in with the Competition Coordinator no less than 15 minutes prior to scheduled performance time.

I. Out of respect to our performers and audiences alike, observers are expected to remain in their seats when a performer is on the stage. Please enter and exit the auditorium between performances and do so quietly and quickly. With respect to others sitting around you, please save conversation for the lobby.

J. All electronic devices, including but not limited to cell phones must be turned off in the auditorium.

K. We encourage audiences to applaud for every performance. Applause does not have any influence on the Judge’s scoring. It does however show a powerful display to every performer, giving them the recognition, respect and appreciation they deserve. National Monologue Slam will always promote a friendly, family like atmosphere, a positive experience for all!

L. All scores and comments reflect the opinion of the Judges and not necessarily the opinion of National Monologue Slam LLC, its directors or staff. All Judges’ decisions are final without dispute.

M. Some monologues may contain adult language and situations. While National Monologue Slam reserves the right to refuse any questionable monologue choice, we nonetheless wish to promote freedom of speech/expression. Therefore, viewer discretion is advised.

N. All participants and observers of any National Monologue Slam convention, conference, competition, class, workshop, performance or other event hereby consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded and that any such recording of your appearance, voice, and name may be used by National Monologue Slam and its affiliates in any and all media throughout the universe in perpetuity, for any purpose whatsoever.

O. Personal and third-party photography, audio recording, and visual recording of any event, performance, audition or class at any National Monologue Slam event is strictly prohibited.


Q. What if I flub up and want another chance?

A. Once all competitions are complete, and if time permits, we will allow “do-overs” for those interested on a first come first served basis. An additional fee may apply. Errors due to technical glitches in music will automatically be offered a “do-over”.

Q. Should I wear a costume and/or bring props?

A. Auditions in real life rarely entail getting dressed in character or the use of props. That said, if your character is a business person, maybe you shouldn’t wear a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops.

Q. What if I miss my scheduled competition timeslot?

A. If you miss your scheduled competition timeslot, you have forfeited your right to compete. However, if time permits at the end of all other performances, we may allow you to perform at that time, at our sole discretion.

Q. Can I take pictures or record video during the National Monologue Slam?

A. No, personal and third-party photography and recording is strictly prohibited. However, professional photography and videography may be available for purchase on-site from a National Monologue Slam approved vendor.

Please call 212.382.3410 during regular business hours should you have any further questions.

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